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As a 3M Authorized Distributor since its establishment in November 1992, JESTAC has reliably supplied quality products and services for practical and aesthetic solutions.

Committed to improve our customers’ lives with innovative solutions, Jestac is the one-stop 3M architectural and interior solution centre that you can count on for quality products and services in your work and home environments.


Great Singapore Sale 2014

3M Sun Control Window Film


3M Water Filter System

6 reasons for using 3M Water Filter Systems

1. Clean water for you and your family. 3M Water Filter System removes cysts, lead, mercury, VOCs, chlorine taste and odor from incoming water source while keeping the good minerals.

2. Small and compact system that can fit easily under the sink.

3. Affordable bi-yearly cartridge replacement at only $0.04 per litre.

4. Drink straight from the tap without the need to boil.

5. Do away pitcher and make extra space on kitchen sink.

6. 3M – Trusted international brand known for its innovation and product quality.


For GSS promo 2014, all 3M Water Filter Systems are at a STOREWIDE 15% OFF!!! Get the 3M Water Filter Systems NOW! Call 62888290 or email to sales@jestac.com.sg for more information!


Stay healthy, Drink healthy!






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