• 3M water filtered dispenser

    NEW HCD-2 Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser

    SGD 1888   SGD 1588

    Get your hot/cold/room temperature filtered water instantly with this sleek and space-saving unit! You’ll never have to waste time boiling, cooling or storing water again. Affordable cartridge replacement every 6 months.

  • AP Easy Complete

    SGD 799   SGD 599

    Small and compact under-sink system that gives you cleaner and better tasting water straight from the tap. Comes with a dedicated drinking faucet (drilling required). Suitable for homes with 4-6 members.

  • FF100

    SGD 899

    This compact under-sink system has a high filtration capacity, and is suitable for larger households or places with a high usage of drinking water. Good for smaller kitchens, since it does not take up space on kitchen countertops.

  • DWS2500T

    SGD 1500

    Conveniently installed under your sink, 3M’s trusted Smart Drinking Water System utilizes 3M’s unique IMPACT technology to deliver better tasting water straight from your tap. Comes with a dedicated drinking faucet and an intelligent tracking device to monitor usage.

  • SQC Viro 4 RO System

    This microbiological water purifier employs a reverse osmosis (RO), four-stage filtration process. Comes with an LED indicator to monitor usage.

  • Whole House Filtration System

    Provides consistent high quality water for whole house filtration. Ideal for larger homes and light commercial applications.

  • High Flow Systems for Multiple Applications

    Dual Port and Dual Flow Systems are engineered for high flow rates and high capacities to supply the benefits of individual equipment filtration from a central location.

  • High Flow BEV Systems

    Look no further than 3M High Flow Systems for cold beverage filtration. A single cartridge High Flow system reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odour to give you cold beverage quality, consistency and satisfaction, not to mention lower capital and operating costs.

  • High Flow ICE Filtration Systems

    With 3M™ High Flow Systems for ice filtration systems, you get reduced sediment and chlorine taste and odor for cleaner ice taste, clarity, consistency and customer satisfaction.

  • High Flow BREW Filtration Systems

    Dedicated systems for coffee, tea and expresso. Turn to 3M High Flow BREW Systems for superior flavor, consistency and customer satisfaction.