• High Flow Systems for Multiple Applications

    Dual Port and Dual Flow Systems are engineered for high flow rates and high capacities to supply the benefits of individual equipment filtration from a central location.

  • High Flow BEV Systems

    Look no further than 3M High Flow Systems for cold beverage filtration. A single cartridge High Flow system reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odour to give you cold beverage quality, consistency and satisfaction, not to mention lower capital and operating costs.

  • High Flow ICE Filtration Systems

    With 3M™ High Flow Systems for ice filtration systems, you get reduced sediment and chlorine taste and odor for cleaner ice taste, clarity, consistency and customer satisfaction.

  • High Flow BREW Filtration Systems

    Dedicated systems for coffee, tea and expresso. Turn to 3M High Flow BREW Systems for superior flavor, consistency and customer satisfaction.