magic film glass in the bedroom
magic film glass in the bedroom

Magic Film / Magic Glass

Magic Glass is a switchable type of laminated glass which allows you to enjoy space and privacy, simply by flicking a switch. Magic Film is self-adhesive and its basic functions are the same as Magic Glass – it can be easily installed on a window without changing the existing glass.


Manufactured by DM Display, the world’s leading manufacturer of polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) film.


How it works

When the power supply is switched on, the liquid crystal molecules in the film/glass panel align and allows incident light to pass through. This causes the film/glass panel to turn clear instantly.


When the power is switched off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented, causing light to scatter. This results in the film/glass panel becoming opaque.



Popular Applications

  • Interactive screens

Magic glass can be used as various interactive screens with touchscreen and motion sensor functions.

Landmark buildings, show windows, conference rooms, shops


  • Residential interiors

Magic glass allows you to enjoy openness and privacy. It can be used as a home theatre screen when installed with a beam projector.

Living rooms, veranda windows, entrances, toilets, balconies, doors, roof lights


  • Buildings and offices

Magic glass is popular among hotels and accommodations as it brings an exclusive feel to the space, while maximizing space and privacy.

Hotels, building interiors, department stores, restaurants, conference rooms


Other Applications

Commercial: Office and boardroom partition screens, doors, sliding/folding doors

Trains & Monorails: Monorail windows, train partitions, driver’s privacy and security screens

Retail & Showrooms: Projection windows, vanity screens, feature screens

Industrial: LCD testing machinery screening, roof lights, doors

Security: Cell doors and windows, vision panels, entrance foyer, teller counting screens

Healthcare: Fire-rated hospital doors, moveable privacy screens, X-ray protection screens