Vitac vinyl chair mat solar film
Vitac vinyl chair mat solar film

Vinyl Chair Mat

SGD 85.60

Office chair casters can easily scratch hardwood floors, leave imprint marks in carpets and even damage your carpets from the consistent rolling.


The Vinyl Chair Mat protects your floors and carpets, helping you to reduce your floor maintenance costs. It also enhances personal safety, offers ergonomic benefits and gives you the ease of mobility.


The mat comes in three versions (see Product Specifications).



Offices, reception areas, work stations, homes

  • Protects floors and carpets
  • Reduces floor maintenance costs
  • Enhances personal safety
  • Offers ergonomic benefits
  • Provides ease of mobility

Vinyl Chair Mat comes in three versions.

  • Chair mat with grippers, tongue-shaped (for carpeted floors)
  • Chair mat with grippers, rectangular-shaped (for carpeted floors)
  • Chair mat without grippers, tongue-shaped (for hard flooring surfaces)


Available in 1 size: 45 inch x 53 inch