• Prestige Series

    Aesthetics. Comfort. Energy savings. Protection. The 3M Prestige Series films deliver superior performance while leaving the beauty of your home or building virtually unchanged.

  • Ceramic Series

    Using nanotechnology, 3M has created a film that is tough, won’t corrode and is so clear your view will remain beautiful. Amazing clarity and great heat rejection.

  • Neutral Series

    3M’s Neutral Series films does a good job at reflecting heat and reducing glare due to its high reflectivity properties. Ideal for daytime privacy.

  • A girl staring outside the night vision window films

    Night Vision Series

    With 3M’s Night Vision Series films, you can enjoy enhanced privacy in the daytime and enjoy the view out by night.

  • Color Stable Series

    Designed to provide significant glare relief, these darker shaded films have outstanding colour stability, hence never turning purple.