Ultra Prestige Series

Glass doors and windows are among the most vulnerable points in your home. The first of its kind, the 3M™ Ultra Prestige Series films are made from up to 42 micro layers of clear, tear-resistant film. While other films tear, ours stretch, so when the glass breaks, shards are held together to reduce the chance of injury or to deter crime.

With Ultra Prestige Series window films, you get added security combined with all the sun protection benefits of 3M Prestige Series films. With these films you’ll block heat, reduce hot spots and damaging UV rays, while also helping to hold glass together in the event of breakage.

  • Tear-resistant – 3M films stretch and do not tear
  • Tested and proven – 3M films meet requirements for the ANSI Z97.1 Standard with modifications for higher impact levels
  • 3M adhesives – Films are bonded to the glass with advanced 3M adhesives to hold glass shards together in the event of breakage
  • Clear and thin – Films retain the appearance of the original glass and maintain a high level of optical clarity
  • High visual light transmission providing excellent aesthetics
  • Up to 97% infrared rejection providing energy savings and enhanced comfort*
  • Low interior and exterior reflectivity enhances views while maintaining exterior appearance
  • Helps extend the life of furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays, the largest cause of fading
  • Comprehensive warranty from 3M up to 15 years

*IR Rejection as measured from 900-1000 nm

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